Warcraft III - Survival Game

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Warcraft III - Survival Game

Post by Yeuyo on Sun Sep 13, 2009 11:33 am

Survival Game is a Warcraft III's custom map.

One team siege against another team, both offensive and defensive team has to coorperate to win the game by killing of enemy team's general. But beware of defensive team's artillery support.

Team Role:
Red - Defensive Team General. (Shared control for all defensive team member)
Blue - Final line of defence for defensive team.
Teal - Third line of defence for defensive team.
Purple - Second line of defence for defensive team.
Yellow - First line of defence for defensive team.
Orange - Artillery support of the defensive team.
Green - Offensive team front line.
Pink - Offensive team front line.
Gray - Offensive team front line back-up.
Light Blue - Offensive team front line back-up.
Dark Green - Support group. (Main Assault Force)
Brown - Offensive Team General. (Shared control for all offensive team member)

Download Link:


Version 1.5
  • Make unused slot's units to be able to be used by all user.
  • Added Countdown Timer which will let Defensive side win if Offensive side fail to achieve victory in 40 minutes.

Version 1.4
  • Increase the Artillery shot delay from 4.5 seconds to 15 seconds.

Version 1.31
  • Added colour for leaver's name.
  • Removed both team's General from appearing at waiting room as Computer(Normal) to prevent General walk back to starting position after reach the position assign with attack move.
  • Added colour for some guides.

Version 1.3
  • Changed Offensive General movement speed from 270 to 400.
  • Changed Defensive General movement speed from 270 to 350.
  • Added Protective Shield that reduce all damage taken by 65 to both general.
  • Added reload system to both general which offensive general reload takes 0.75 seconds and defensive general takes 3 seconds.
  • Added firing and reload sound effect to both generals.
  • Reduce Defensive General bullet limit from 50 to 5.
  • Reduce Defensive General attack speed.
  • Increased Defensive General attack damage and added splash.
  • Increased Offensive General attack speed.
  • Added different critical to both generals.
  • Improved Shotgunner damage.
  • Improved both generals attack range.
  • Increased Marksman's attack range from 1000 to 1800.
  • Decrease Marksman's attack speed from 1.2 second delay to 2 seconds delay.
  • Decreased Shotgunner attack speed slightly.

Version 1.2
  • Added warning about the importance of your team's General.

Version 1.1
  • Added warning signal when offensive team unit is being killed by defensive team's artillery support.
  • Added starting guide for first timer.
  • Make both team's general is shared control for all team members instead of one player control him only.

Version 1.0
  • Map Released.


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