[Forum Update] Activities and Reputation

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[Forum Update] Activities and Reputation

Post by Yeuyo on Fri Nov 20, 2009 6:34 pm

For the captains to check their members activeness and behaviour in the forum, I've added the forum activities and reputation into the forum.

What is this Activities?
Activities will be shown on every post you did below your name, for every reply in the forum, you get one point, for starting a thread, you get three points, for adding someone to your friend list throught the Profile, you get 3 points as well, there's alot of other way to get Activities point as well. Best figure it out yourself. Wink

What is this Reputation?
Reputation is the manner and how much people respect the specific person, if you think someone did a great job or is worth a respect point from you, simply click the + beside the post that make you respect the person more, or if someone give you a lame reply, simply click the - button next to the post that person did that digust you.

You can also give someone Reputation by clicking the 'Thanks' button on the post that most satisfy you in the thread you started, but be warned that you can only thanks a post in a thread. So please only thanks the reply that you really feel need to thank to.

Have fun.


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